Outpatient/TBS/Wraparound Services:

Summitview is under contract with El Dorado County Mental Health to provide these Medi-Cal funded mental health services for boys and girls of all ages. It may be helpful to contact Summitview directly to obtain information about the availability of these services, or EDCMH can also be reached directly at 530-644-2412.

Residential Treatment and Nonpublic School Services:

Summitview provides these services for girls only from the ages of 6-20 who have been educationally classified as Emotionally Disturbed (E.D.). Summitview treats a wide variety of psychological disorders, but many of the adolescents admitted meet criteria for or demonstrate traits of Borderline Personality Disorder. Most placements into the residential treatment program are made by county departments of social services, mental health, and adoption. Private placements are accepted as well. It is also to be noted that Summitview does accept private insurance. Summitview generally receives far more referrals for residential services than available openings, so it is common for clients to be put on a waiting list.

To make a referral, please telephone us at 530-644-2412. If you are a county placement worker seeking residential services, you may also fax a referral packet to 530-644-8563.