A Nonprofit Mental Health Agency

Summitview is a private, nonprofit organization licensed by the State of California to provide a variety of mental health services to children and families. We offer outpatient mental health, wraparound, residential treatment, special education services for adolescent boys and girls, as well as a home specializing in working with sex trafficked youth. Although we treat a variety of psychological problems and symptoms, the residential treatment program specializes in treating adolescent boys and girls who are suicidal and engage in self-harm behavior. In addition, we provide mental health services to adults with mental illnesses in El Dorado County.

Mission Statement

Summitview Child & Family Services, Inc. and Summitview Academy are committed to assisting those we serve in creating and maintaining a passion for lifelong learning. We strive to help others reach their goals with a continuum of support, collaboration, and prevention. The Summitview team will use strength based, culturally sensitive, and supportive strategies to provide safe and effective learning opportunities. We believe that those we serve will be able to create desired, permanent, and positive changes within themselves and their communities. Accredited by the Council on Accreditation and a longstanding member of the California Alliance.

  • “It was surreal when I got the name of Summitview from the hospital. I was in a fog and on the steepest learning curve of my life, with the greatest stakes. But from the moment I connected with Summitview, I had someone real to help me. Then throughout this year, all of the staff at Summitview, from my daughter’s therapist and doctor to her house leaders and teachers to the executive director, have passionately helped both my daughter and the rest of our family regain our footing. We honestly thought we had lost our daughter and she would never return to us. We are now reconnected and preparing for her to move back home. I am almost afraid to have hope again, but the staff at Summitview is helping me enjoy hope again, too.”

  • Read Jordana Steinberg’s full story via this link.

    from Sacramento Bee

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